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Commercial Mowing, Lawn Care, &
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Are you concerned about losing brand or customer value by having an overgrown lawn or unkept landscaping?

Our complete lawn care and landscaping maintenance services in Columbia and nearby give you complete peace of mind knowing your property’s exterior is beautiful, well-maintained, and attractive.

Promote your brand and increase property value with our landscaping maintenance!

Landscape Maintenance To Promote Your Brand

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Complete Lawn Care

Our lawn mowing services keep your lawn neat, clean, and perfectly manicured.

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Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Don’t worry about overgrown or dead trees or bushes distracting from your business.

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Flower & Mulch Bed Care

Promote your brand with perfectly planted and maintained flower and mulch beds.

Properties We Service

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Office &
Corporate Campuses






Retail Centers &
Shopping Malls


Home Owner's

We service more types of properties - contact us to see what’s possible for your business!

We Make A Beautiful Lawn & Landscape in Columbia Easy

"Creation Landscaping has been kind, courteous, thorough, and timely. They do a nice job. They have been very pleasant to work with. I would recommend this company."

- P. Kreider

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    Request a quote

    We meet you at your property and discuss your landscaping and lawn care goals.

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    We sketch your property

    We walk your property to get all necessary measurements.

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    You approve the quote

    Review your estimate and approve it.

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    We do the work

    Watch your curb appeal grow and be proud of your property!

Landscape & Lawn Care Services
We Offer In Columbia

  • Lawn and turf care
  • Regular mowing
  • Weed management
  • Bed care and mulching
  • Tree and shrub planting and pruning
  • Lawn and plant renewal
  • Design and installation of landscaping plans
  • Seasonal services
  • Storm Clean Up
  • Irrigation management
  • Weekly visits
  • Worry free maintenance
  • Friendly & knowledgeable staff

Why Work With Creation Landscaping?

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Customer Service

We focus on long-term relationships with business owners and property managers.

Local Business

We are based in Lancaster County, PA, and we understand the local work ethic and business culture.


Our experience and training ensures we follow only best practices when designing and installing landscapes.

Clean & Professional

Whether it’s our uniforms, equipment, or employees, we guarantee professionalism in our work.

"As a property manager, using Creation Landscaping for lawn care at our complexes gives us peace of mind. We are confident that the grounds are kept looking amazing! Any questions or concerns are addressed the same day.”

- M. Burton

Do you have more questions about
commercial lawn care and landscaping services?

The size and shape of your lawn will determine what you need to hire a professional for. The square footage creates an average price, but additional activities can affect those costs significantly such as weed control or edging which may be required in some cases if there's been recently heavy rainfall where water collected near buildings before draining into gutters; these tasks add extra work on top of regular mowing services so make sure they're included when bidding!

Complete Commercial Lawn Care In Columbia, PA

As a commercial property manager or business owner, you want to have peace of mind knowing that your business exterior is well-maintained and always inviting new clients.

The problem is that poor landscaping services can result in overgrown lawns, run-down flower beds, improperly pruned trees and bushes, and an overall sloppy exterior.

At Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care, our complete landscaping maintenance services and commercial lawn care keep your property maintained and brand value high.

As a business owner in Lititz, PA, do you

As a business owner in Columbia, PA, you know about the challenges that come with winter: snowstorms that could shut down your business, power outages, and parking lots that are covered in sheets of ice or a foot of snow. 

You already have a lot on your mind. You don’t need the added stress that winter weather brings with it! You need to be free from worrying about the weather so you can focus on your business. 

At Creation Landscaping, we understand how frustrating and difficult winter can be. We don’t think it has to be that way. 

We would like to help make your winters a breeze. That is why we offer a range of quality snow-management services to help you keep things under control. With a fleet of modern snow-removal equipment, our own de-icing brine solution and 24-hour availability, we will be there to help keep your business up and running. 

Let us help you tackle this winter with confidence and peace of mind! We will take care of all your weather problems so that you can focus on what matters: growing your business. 

Located right on the Susquehanna river, there is plenty to do in Columbia, PA, even during the winter. Here are some good things to do in and around Columbia during the long, dark months: 

  • Visit one of its antique marketplaces.
  • Take a look at the First National Bank Museum. 
  • Go ice skating at nearby Lancaster Ice Rink. 
  • Get a cozy bed and breakfast for the weekend. 
  • Taste ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience. 
  • Visit one of the area’s breweries or wineries. 
  • Visit the National Watch and Clock Museum. 

Formerly known as Wright’s Ferry, Columbia is situated right on the Susquehanna River. It was founded by entrepreneur and evangelist John Wright. As the name suggests, it was originally a ferry. 

Today, we note Columbia for being the home of the headquarters of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. The town boasts a clock tower, library, research center, one of the world’s few museums dedicated to the study of time, and a “School of Horology,” for training clock and watch repairers. 

Columbia  covers 2.42 square miles of land and is home to over 10,000 people.  

Columbia’s main website states that:

With the 21st Century, Columbia is now experiencing a resurgence of economic development and community revitalization that is projected to see the investment of private capital at a level of 10% a year in the total value of the community. This growth in private capital investment is a result of the renewed collaborative effort of the community’s leadership and the development community who see a community with incredible architectural beauty located on a beautiful river in an area that is located in one of the diverse economic engines in the State of Pennsylvania that still has available undervalued property for new investment. Columbia is again experiencing economic renewal and solid community growth.

We hope that Columbia will continue to experience new growth! 

We provide quality snow management services for all zip codes in Columbia, PA:


We serve many locations throughout Lancaster County, PA:

Information courtesy of Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC, 1061 Hartman Station Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601