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Commercial Snow & Ice Management
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Are you concerned about injuries or needing to shut down during the winter because of ice and snow?

Our ice and snow management in Denver and surrounding areas gives you peace of mind when the winter arrives and the snow and ice start falling.

Increase safety and reduce your liability with our expert snow removal team!

Denver Snow & Ice Removal
Services That Give Peace of Mind

Snow Removal

Meet Insurance Expectations

As Certified Snow Professionals through the Snow & Ice Management Association, we help keep your property up to insurance quality standards.

Snow Removal

Dedicated Route Supervisors & Weather Monitoring

When snow and ice occurs, our team is on top of it and ready to roll.

Snow Removal

24 Hour

Our team is available 24 hours a day to help keep your facility safe. We monitor the weather and we have a 24-hour contact line to reach us.

Properties We Service

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Office &
Corporate Campuses






Retail Centers &
Shopping Malls


Home Owner's

We service more types of properties - contact us to see what’s possible for your business!

How To Get Our Snow & Ice Management Services

"Creation Landscaping has been kind, courteous, thorough, and timely. They do a nice job. They clean up the parking lot and sidewalk and have been very pleasant to work with. I would recommend this company."

- P. Kreider

  • 1.

    Request a quote

    We meet you at your property and discuss your winter management goals.

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    We sketch your property

    We walk your parking lots and driveways to get all necessary measurements.

  • 3.

    You approve the quote

    Review your estimate and approve it.

  • 4.

    We do the work

    When the next snow storm hits Denver, have peace of mind knowing our snow removal team is working on your property!

What Makes Our Snow Plowing &
Ice Management So Effective?

We own and operate our own liquid de-icing manufacturing. The brine we create is a more sustainable solution and allows us to reduce the amount of environmentally damaging chlorides used on your property without sacrificing safety.

What are some other advantages of using brine and our services?

  • Our large fleet of equipment is ready to handle all your snow & ice management needs
  • We prepare your business for the storm before it hits by applying liquid salt brine several days in advance
  • Once dry, the salt brine doesn't stick to shoes and track indoors like traditional ice melt
  • Our liquid salt brine activates as soon as the first snowflakes hit
  • It is a cost-effective winter solution that can be applied well in advance of a storm

Why Work With Creation Landscaping?

Snow Removal

Certified with SIMA

We are Certified Snow Professionals through the Snow & Ice Management Association.

Emergency Services

We offer 24-hour winter emergency services.

Local Business

We are based in Denver, PA, and we understand the local work ethic and business culture.

Environmentally Friendly

Our brine and other melting material is eco-friendly.

"Creation has been doing our landscaping and snow removal for the last 3 years. They are very professional and pay attention to details. The landscaping at our facility in Lancaster has never looked better. The lawn is well maintained and the annuals have been exceptional with bright colors. Benjamin has gone above and beyond taking care of our landscaping and snow removal!"

- D. Kauffman

Do you have more questions about our snow and ice removal services ?

How can I make sure that my commercial property is safe for customers, employees and other users of the site during the winter?
  • Hiring a top-notch snow contractor like Creation Landscaping is the best way to reduce the liability risks of snow and ice and help keep your property safe. 
What makes Creation Landscaping so good at mitigating the risks of snow & ice management at my property?
  • As a Member of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), Creation Landscaping stays on the cutting edge of the snow & ice management industry.  We use the best equipment, latest technology, and the industry best practices to give our customers superior service and complete satisfaction.
Who is responsible for ice and snow removal on a commercial property?
  • Typically, the property owner is responsible for ice and snow removal on a commercial property.  However, sometimes the tenant or others may take over that responsibility by means of the written lease or contract specifically indicating who will be responsible. 
How does Creation Landscaping prepare for an ice or snowstorm?
  • At Creation Landscaping we start our preparation for the winter season months before the snow ever falls.  Equipment is acquired, serviced and tested before it ever goes out to the customer sites.  Staff is trained, re-trained and practice all of the industry best practices well in advance of the first storm.  Materials are stockpiled and ready to go long before we need them to service our clients. 
How can I reach Creation Landscaping if I need emergency winter services at my site?
  • Creation Landscape maintains a special emergency contact phone number for our winter snow & ice management clients.  A live human answers that special phone line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during winter months. 
How can I reduce the amount of salt used on my property and still help keep the property safe?
  • Creation Landscaping utilizes many different methods to help reduce salt usage while keeping the property safe.  Liquid brine applications before the storm dramatically reduce the need for granular salt after the snow is cleared away.  Proper calibration of salt application equipment makes a huge difference as well as special training for our salt truck drivers and sidewalk crews. 
What kind of properties does Creation Landscaping provide snow & ice management for?
  • Creation Landscaping provides snow & ice management services for commercial, industrial and retail sites.  These are sites like distribution centers, warehouses, factories, shopping centers, retail stores, banks, etc.
What makes Creation Landscaping a reliable snow removal company?
  • We have learned over many years that the only way for Creation Landscaping to be successful is for our clients to be successful.  If our customers are satisfied with our services, they not only stay with us, but they send us more work.  By having well trained staff, the best equipment available, planning and organizing our work carefully and truly caring about our clients, we have created a company focused on customer satisfaction. 

Commercial Snow Removal Services In Denver

As a commercial property manager or business owner in the Denver area, you want to have peace of mind knowing that your business is being taken care of during the winter.

The problem is that poor snow removal services can lead to injuries, liability issues, and force you to close down your site due to ineffective snow & ice management services.

At Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care, our complete snow and ice removal services help keep your employees and clients safe while reducing your exposure to liability.

As a business owner in the Denver area, you know the difficulty of doing business during the winter. 

The list of challenges is endless! With snow storms and ice-covered sidewalks it's not easy to keep on top of everything you need to do to run your business well.

When you own the business in situations like this, you feel the added weight of responsibility.

At Creation Landscape, we get it. We have weathered many a winter, ourselves, and we want to help.

Our advanced snow machinery and 24-hour availability make us the most trusted snow and ice management service for any winter emergency a business may face.

Give yourself peace of mind by letting us help you make sure your walkways and parking lots are well taken care of for your customers. Call us, today!

Even with the winter weather, the Denver area is an excellent place to own a business. Attractions in the area include: 

  • Lancaster County Antique Center
  • Oley Valley Antiques
  • German Trading Post
  • Middle Creek Kayak Rentals
  • 272 Antiques Mall
  • Mother Tucker’s Antiques and Collectibles
  • Knead It Massage & Bodyworks
  • Adams Antiques
  • The Green Dragon Farmer’s Market
  • Time Matters Antique Mall

Plus lots of sightseeing adventures available throughout Lancaster county. There are also several historical cities to visit, such as Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Harrisburg.

Denver was founded by Hans Bucher, a Swiss immigrant, in 1735. It was originally known as Bucher's Thal, or "Bucher Valley", in reference to the adjacent Cocalico Creek.

During the Civil War, the Reading and Columbia Railroad built a line through town, prompting a name change to "Union Station". With time, residents grew weary being referred to as a train station. After researching post offices in the country, Adam Brubaker found only one named Denver. On November 1, 1881, the town was officially renamed Denver.

By the late 19th century, continued growth had some residents considering incorporating as a borough. The tipping point was a major fire at the Denver House, a tavern built behind the train station in 1868. Water from a local well and the nearby Cocalico Creek was insufficient to fight the fire, prompting tobacco merchant Aaron Shirk, physician W.D. Fink and businessman Ephraim Renninger to press for incorporation, so a municipal water system could be created. The trio filed an application for incorporation in April 1900, and by that December, Denver Borough had come into being.

With the turn of the century, the new borough purchased a reservoir site and constructed a water plant, which went online in 1902. By 1906, the one quarry still in operation today just outside Denver was opened in 1906 by Abram G. Kurtz.

Around the time Denver was incorporated, cigar making was the dominant industry in the area, but mechanization eventually doomed the trade in hand-rolling cigars. New industries sprouted up, including the F&M Hat Company, founded in 1912 by brothers Samuel and Daniel Fichthorn along with their brother-in-law Ambrose Marburger.

F&M Hat quickly grew into the town's largest employer, giving generations of residents jobs in its factory. By 1939 there were 835 employees working two shifts.

Today, Denver has a population of 3,900 people and is home to over a hundred local businesses.

If you currently own a business or commercial building in the Denver area, give Creation Landscape a call next time you need snow or ice removed. Our services are for all zip codes in Denver: 17517, 17578. 

We can’t wait to serve you! Call today!

Information courtesy of Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC, 1061 Hartman Station Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601