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Commercial Snow & Ice Management
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    Winter Safety

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Are you concerned about injuries or needing to shut down during the winter because of ice and snow?

Our ice and snow management in Ephrata and surrounding areas gives you peace of mind when the winter arrives and the snow and ice start falling.

Increase safety and reduce your liability with our expert snow removal team!

Ephrata, PA Snow & Ice Removal
Services That Give Peace of Mind

Snow Removal

Meet Insurance Expectations

As Certified Snow Professionals through the Snow & Ice Management Association, we help keep your property up to insurance quality standards.

Snow Removal

Dedicated Route Supervisors & Weather Monitoring

When snow and ice occurs, our team is on top of it and ready to roll.

Snow Removal

24 Hour

Don’t worry about winter downtime - our team is available 24 hours a day to keep your business safer.

Properties We Service

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Office &
Corporate Campuses






Retail Centers &
Shopping Malls


Home Owner's

We service more types of properties - contact us to see what’s possible for your business!

We Make A Safer Property Easy

“I am a property manager and have used Creation Landscaping at multiple properties for landscaping, snow removal, and other projects. They are great to work with! I would highly recommend them. The snow removal is top-notch.”

- C. Miller

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    Request a quote

    We meet you at your property and discuss your winter management goals.

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    We sketch your property

    We walk your parking lots and driveways to get all necessary measurements.

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    You approve the quote

    Review your estimate and approve it.

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    We do the work

    When the next snow storm hits Ephrata, PA, have peace of mind knowing our snow removal team is working on your property!

What Makes Our Snow Plowing &
Management So Effective?

We own and operate our own liquid de-icing manufacturing. The brine we create is a more sustainable solution and lowers the use of environmentally damaging chlorides.

By owning our own de-icing equipment and brine, we are able to lower the amount of chlorides dispensed on a per acre basis, and it helps us reduce the amount of corrosion that impacts your asset.

What are some other advantage of using brine and our services?

  • Our large fleet of equipment for any snow and ice managment need
  • We prepare your business for the storm before it hits by applying it several days in advance
  • It stays put where it is applied and doesn’t flow into lawns or flower beds
  • Once dry, it doesn't stick to shoes and track indoors like traditional ice melt
  • It activates as soon as the first snowflakes hit
  • It is a cost-effective winter solution that can be applied well in advance of a storm

Why Work With Creation Landscaping?

Snow Removal

Certified with SIMA

We are Certified Snow Professionals through the Snow & Ice Management Association.

Emergency Services

We offer 24-hour winter emergency services.

Local Business

We are based in Lancaster County, and we understand the local work ethic and business culture.

Environmentally Friendly

Our brine and other melting material is eco-friendly.

“Creation Landscaping has been doing our landscaping and snow removal for the last 3 years. They are very professional and pay attention to details. Benjamin has gone above and beyond taking care of our landscaping and snow removal!”

- D. Kauffman

Do you have more questions about our snow and ice removal services ?

  • Hiring a top-notch snow contractor like Creation Landscaping is the best way to reduce the liability risks of snow and ice and help keep your property safe. 

Commercial Snow Removal Services In Ephrata

As a commercial property manager or business owner in the Ephrata, PA area, you want to have peace of mind knowing that your business is being taken care of during the winter.

The problem is that poor snow removal services can cause injuries, liability issues, and mean your property needs to shut down from snow or ice.

At Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care, our complete snow removal services keep your employees and clients safer and reduce your liability. 

As a business owner in Ephrata, PA, you have a lot on your mind. Your life is full and you don’t have a lot of extra brainspace. 


The last thing you need is for winter to roll around and add stress to your life. You don’t need the added worries of winter safety, snowstorms that could shut down your business, and angry customers who just took a tumble in your parking lot. 


We don’t want you to stress about all that either! 


As a snow management service in Ephrata, PA, Creation Landscaping wants to help you gain peace of mind in the winter months by providing high-quality services to keep your business, customers, and employees safe. 


We offer a fleet of snow removal equipment and our own de-icing brine solution as well as 24-hour availability so you can be prepared and beat the weather! 


Don’t let the weather take down your business! We look forward to serving you and helping you focus on what matters most: growing your business. 

It’s difficult to find good things to do during the winter, and sometimes it gets long and boring. Here are some great things to do in and around Ephrata, PA during the cold, dark months:


  • Visit the Weathered Vineyards Wine Tasting Room
  • Visit the Seiverling Museum to see antique cars and pedal cars 
  • Take a trip to the Shady Maple Farm Market
  • Find a cozy, homey bed and breakfast for the weekend 
  • Go ice skating at Regency Sportsrink or Lancaster Ice Rink 
  • Ride the trains at Strasburg Railroad, including the popular Santa Train 

Ephrata is the most heavily populated borough in Lancaster County, containing over 13,000 people. The borough covers 3.46 square miles of land. 


The area’s main attraction is the Ephrata Cloister. The Cloister was home to a semi-monastic religious community founded by Johann Beissel. It was also home to the second German printing press in America. With this printing press, the Ephrata Cloister published the largest book in Colonial America: the Martyrs Mirror. 


The land surrounding Ephrata is flat and well suited for farming, and the borough is right in the thick of Pennsylvania’s “Amish Country.” It is a popular tourist destination with a wealth of restaurants, hotels, cultural attractions and shopping. 


The Borough of Ephrata website states its community goals like this:


Promote Economic Vitality

  • Promote and support creation of a critical mass in downtown
  • Improve commercial centers throughout the community
  • Identify and market the Ephrata niche
  • Ensure a fiscally sound borough organization
  • Promote, coordinate, and support events that showcase the community
  • Increase the number of owner occupied homes


  • Improve police visibility
  • Develop standards for public safety services
  • Improve traffic safety and reduce congestion
  • Improve proactive code enforcement efforts
  • Provide a safe community environment

Community Aesthetics

  • Improve gateways to the borough
  • Improve signage and promote wayfinding
  • Improve proactive code enforcement
  • Improve building and grounds maintenance throughout the community
  • Improve the image of the borough
  • Improve customer service


  • Enhance public communication
  • Promote, coordinate, and support events that showcase the community
  • Measure and improve citizen satisfaction
  • Sponsor opportunities for public participation


These are great goals, and we hope that Ephrata will continue to thrive! 

We provide snow management services to all zip codes in Ephrata, PA: 17522

Information courtesy of Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC, 1061 Hartman Station Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601