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Commercial Snow & Ice Management
Services in Fredericksburg, PA

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    Winter Safety

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Are you concerned about injuries or needing to shut down during the winter because of ice and snow?

Our ice and snow management in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas gives you peace of mind when the winter arrives and the snow and ice start falling.

Increase safety and reduce your liability with our expert snow removal team!

Fredericksburg Snow & Ice Removal
Services That Give Peace of Mind

Snow Removal

Meet Insurance Expectations

As Certified Snow Professionals through the Snow & Ice Management Association, we help keep your property up to insurance quality standards.

Snow Removal

Dedicated Route Supervisors & Weather Monitoring

When snow and ice occurs, our team is on top of it and ready to roll.

Snow Removal

24 Hour

Our team is available 24 hours a day to help keep your facility safe. We monitor the weather and we have a 24-hour contact line to reach us.

Properties We Service

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Office &
Corporate Campuses






Retail Centers &
Shopping Malls


Home Owner's

We service more types of properties - contact us to see what’s possible for your business!

How To Get Our Snow & Ice Management Services

"As a property manager, using Creation Landscaping for lawn care and snow removal at our complexes gives us peace of mind. We are confident that our tenants are safe in icy weather and the grounds are kept looking amazing! Any questions or concerns are addressed the same day."

- M. Burton

  • 1.

    Request a quote

    We meet you at your property and discuss your winter management goals.

  • 2.

    We sketch your property

    We walk your parking lots and driveways to get all necessary measurements.

  • 3.

    You approve the quote

    Review your estimate and approve it.

  • 4.

    We do the work

    When the next snow storm hits Fredericksburg, have peace of mind knowing our snow removal team is working on your property!

What Makes Our Snow Plowing &
Ice Management So Effective?

We own and operate our own liquid de-icing manufacturing. The brine we create is a more sustainable solution and allows us to reduce the amount of environmentally damaging chlorides used on your property without sacrificing safety.

What are some other advantages of using brine and our services?

  • Our large fleet of equipment is ready to handle all your snow & ice management needs
  • We prepare your business for the storm before it hits by applying liquid salt brine several days in advance
  • Once dry, the salt brine doesn't stick to shoes and track indoors like traditional ice melt
  • Our liquid salt brine activates as soon as the first snowflakes hit
  • It is a cost-effective winter solution that can be applied well in advance of a storm

Why Work With Creation Landscaping?

Snow Removal

Certified with SIMA

We are Certified Snow Professionals through the Snow & Ice Management Association.

Emergency Services

We offer 24-hour winter emergency services.

Local Business

We are based in Fredericksburg, PA, and we understand the local work ethic and business culture.

Environmentally Friendly

Our brine and other melting material is eco-friendly.

"I am a property manager and have used Creation Landscaping at multiple properties for landscaping, snow removal, and other projects. They are great to work with! I would highly recommend them. The snow removal is top notch. Landscape/lawn care is excellent. They are reasonable, fair, provide great communication, and they are easy to work with."

- C. Miller

Do you have more questions about our snow and ice removal services ?

  • Hiring a top-notch snow contractor like Creation Landscaping is the best way to reduce the liability risks of snow and ice and help keep your property safe. 

Commercial Snow Removal Services In Fredericksburg

As a commercial property manager or business owner in the Fredericksburg area, you want to have peace of mind knowing that your business is being taken care of during the winter.

The problem is that poor snow removal services can lead to injuries, liability issues, and force you to close down your site due to ineffective snow & ice management services.

At Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care, our complete snow and ice removal services help keep your employees and clients safe while reducing your exposure to liability.

Winter can be a challenging time for businesses in the Fredericksburg area. During each winter, there are often heavy snowstorms, power outages, and cold temperatures that make it challenging for commerce to continue. Your company’s workforce or production may be disrupted, or your parking lots and driveways could be compromised, with ice and snow preventing your employees and customers from navigating safely.

We understand the significance of maintaining a peaceful and productive work environment. Our goal is to allow you to devote your entire attention to operating your company smoothly and successfully. We’re here to offer solutions to the complexities that the winter weather brings.

At Creation Landscaping, we recognize the stress that winter brings, but we firmly believe that you don't have to endure it alone. 

We have all the resources necessary to assist you through this winter season. Our exclusive deicing brine solution and modern fleet of snow removal equipment are available 24-7 to keep your business running uninterrupted, no matter what the weather looks like!

During this challenging time of the year, we’re here to help. Our experts constantly monitor the weather conditions, and we’re ready to respond swiftly whenever a winter storm approaches. We want to support your business by mitigating the impact of winter weather challenges.

If you live or work in the Fredericksburg area, you’re likely familiar with some of these amazing local attractions:

  • Swatara State Park
  • Lebanon Community Theatre
  • Wertz Candies
  • Fertig’s Something Bold
  • Lebanon County Historical Society
  • Holiday Inn Fredericksburg
  • Berry Patch Bed and Breakfast
  • Fairfield Inn and Suites
  • Esther’s Restaurant
  • Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel Tavern Restaurant

According to Wikipedia, Fredericksburg was originally called “Stumptown,” named after Frederick Stump, a controversial settler who established the town in 1755. Legend has it that Frederick Stump was responsible for a grim incident one winter, where he allegedly massacred a group of ten intoxicated Native Americans and disposed of their bodies by sending them down the Susquehanna River.

Today, however, Fredericksburg is a great town with a population of around 1,780 people. The community is bordered by Interstate 78 to the north and U.S. Route 22 to the south. The median age is 33.5 and the median household income is $79,803. The population and median household income are currently on the rise in the region, a sign that the town's economic prospects and quality of life are improving.

We provide snow and ice removal services for the zip codes in Fredericksburg, PA: 17026

Information courtesy of Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC, 1061 Hartman Station Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601